its frist love was every Time and they suddenly there love is happy Become in her lifetime

 Its first love was everitime…. Every day suddenly there 

 Its frist  love and that no to be changed was a war that the purni knew how dry it was, and then

          I boi me and o tha commers, my heart used to melt at the peak of her smile, today she used to be indecisive. I used to think of myself as no less than heroin and she was understanding Sharukhan and used to smile thinking of her and the guitar started playing in the back ground, it is first love.

       be onest was the first love, now just instara, fecbook

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was our support because of that profile piture we had heart beat it was the fault of the computer Looking at your mirror. was riding you And Uski used to wear a kurta of the color of Pasad, in this circle, he wore his shirt, and he wore a torn shirt until yesterday, which was telling everyone to be a haram khor, o today he had become a haraam khor. Went to parse and woke up for miral

      There was a different intoxication in my eyes, I was beginning to listen and hi hello had caught a B tone And went to the address of Agge Mohbbke, happiness had 

come to criem master go go in personal person, Teja 

 criem mester  and  go go stand for  to be come  in life won and then came back from the window, first yu hi likhti ti maha poetry aur ab atkati ho do hil lin mein ab romatic gane aab hume zara I am less happy, but it is not a matter of sadness.We are a little sad, but it is not a matter of much sadness.



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