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Summary: Long ago, Ragnarok – the End Times – loomed upon the realms. The All-Father, with the last of his strength, created an emissary of redemption; her sole task the salvation of a doomed world. And thence began the tale of a new Valkyrie… This brand-new game brings the VALKYRIE combines an evocative world inspired by Norse mythology, thrillingly fast-paced combat and stunning audio-visual presentation to deliver an action-RPG like no other.

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Developer:Square Enix, Soleil Ltd.
Genre(s):Role-Playing, Action RPG
Number of Online Players:No Online Multiplayer

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  1. Hobby consoler Sep 29, 202272It’s a shame there are so many underutilized elements, because Valkyrie Elysium has all the tools to reach Valhalla. Even then, if you like action RPGs and nordic mythology, you’re going to love the gameplay thanks to a really great combat system.
    • Game swap Sep 29, 202270Essentially a character action game, Valkyrie Elysium does little to worry the heavy hitters in the genre such as Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. But while many of its components are simply adequate, its frenetic combat elevates it from mediocrity. There’s great fun to be had here, summoning Einherjar, using your Soul Chain to zip around the battlefield and making use of more advanced skills to decimate your opponents. Ultimately, it’s not going to set anyone’s world on fire, but it’s definitely worth spending some time with.
  2. RPG SiteSep 28, 202270Valkyrie Elysium is an okay game with a fun battle system. Its biggest strength is that it’s fun to play when there are enemies on-screen. Everything else about it is relatively lackluster. This new take on the Valkyrie series is a solid gameplay foundation while leaving a lot of room for improvement in many other areas. Still, I think the developers at Soleil have done a decent job as newcomers taking their own interpretation of the series. I don’t think I’d want Valkyrie Elysium to completely overtake the Valkyrie Profile series moving forward, though I’d be happy with a peaceful co-existence as each strives to improve themselves – given that Square Enix greenlights more Valkyrie titles, of cou
  3. ush SquareSep 29, 202260Valkyrie Elysium is a game of two halves. The level design and objectives feel at least two generations old and the characters and storyline are more like placeholders than the finished article. There’s no capital F feelings here or much in the way of narrative justification, but if you’re okay with that and you just want fifteen to twenty hours of fast, frantic, fluid combat then we can just about recommend this one.
  4. IGN FranceSep 29, 202250An episode without ambition or soul, carried at arm’s length by a pleasant gameplay and a sublime ost.



  1. 3DJuegosSep 29, 2022Valkyrie Elysium will appeal to fans of the franchise and those who want to try a fun experience with an emphasis on combat. The former will find a new vision of the series that maintains the essence and does not clash with the previous ones; The latter, on the other hand, will be fascinated by a title full of beautiful environments and action-packed battles. [Recommended]

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