Haldi function | pre-wedding functions, Haldi is an important one.

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Marriages are a great celebratory affair of our country. From various events before and after the function, the schedule is super-packed. Meeting your loved ones, getting together to celebrate and having fun, styling your favorite outfits, and taking beautiful selfies, weddings are perfect. Talking about the pre-wedding functions, Haldi is an important one.

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These days, fashion plays an important role in weddings. From dress-codes to color-coordination, a lot of planning goes into it. Signifying the color of turmeric, a mixture of which is used in Haldi to purify the skin and as a good omen for the big day, yellow is a favorite of this event. The color is bright and celebratory, symbolizing the happy and joyful aura. It sets the right mood for all the fun and cheer around and is a perfect color for the afternoon Haldi function.

Makeup Tips for Haldi Ceremony

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Moisturize for the Sun

The Haldi function is mostly an afternoon affair, in the dazzling hot sun. Though it is a function to help you get the perfect glow, the weather can give a good tan too. So, along with a fresh and moisturized face, you need to put on a good amount of sunscreen too.

Colorful Eyes

In the shimmering sunlight, it would be fun to play with colors. Colors are a sign of joy and celebration. So, you can not only have a nice mix-matching with them through your clothes but your makeup looks too. So, add a tint of quirky colors in your eye shadow and sparkle like a beauty queen.

Conceal to Hide

You can use a good and apt concealer to hide all your pores, dark spots, and anything you might need a foundation for. It can work wonders for you in your late morning functions.

Light Blush-on

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Light makeup is what you need at that time. With a little color play and mixing with nude shades, you can achieve the perfect look. Brush up your cheeks with light shades that go with your outfit to get a fine, classy yet subtle makeup look.

Nude Lip Shades

And as after the Haldi ceremony, the main function awaits you, don’t forget to take good care of yourself. After all, you have to dance, celebrate and have a lot of fun!

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